Presents various types of precious stones of the year
Presents Necklaces with World's Stylish Fashion Model and Style
Variety of beautiful Earrings with stones
Provide beautiful Rings for Couples and Occasions

And everything that is in dreams will turn into a realistic jewel.

Services At Maghsoudi's

 Maghsoudi Jwelery is proud to be a fully-fledged, experienced with half a century experience and educated young man who meets all your wishes in the world of jewelry today and tomorrow. With a wealth of gemologists, jewelry makers and designers, this company has a variety of services for you which include:

  • Repair of jewelry
  • The specialized supply of birthday gems
  • Making orders from the journal without limitations
  • Offering any type of diamond and beryl without design cost
  • Antique old style jewelry with cutie 18 and hand made
  • Specialized tour of the Baltic Region with over 35 million years
  • The supplier of Australian Pearls, China, Japan in Necklace or Single Grain.
  • Stable hands
  • Handy Skills
  • Artistic skill
  • Fashion sense
  • Good visualization skills

Contact Us

Baharestan Sq., Jomhori Ave., After Mellat Ave., Near Mahmoudi Alley, Shop No. 118

Tel: 021-33948814

Phone: +989203978814