About Us

Services Provided in Maghsoudi Jewelery

 Maghsoudi Jwelery is proud to be a fully-fledged, experienced with half a century experience and educated young man who meets all your wishes in the world of jewelry today and tomorrow.

With a wealth of gemologists, jewelry makers and designers, this company has a variety of services for you which include:

  • Repair of jewelry
  • The specialized supply of birthday gems
  • Making orders from the journal without limitations
  • Offering any type of diamond and beryl without design cost
  • Antique old style jewelry with cutie 18 and hand made
  • Specialized tour of the Baltic Region with over 35 million years
  • The supplier of Australian Pearls, China, Japan in Necklace or Single Grain.

Skill needed in jewelry

  • An eye for detail. Jewelery requires concentration and patience. Basic jewelry should pay attention to the large and small details on the pieces made.
  • Strength and hand control, plus fingerprinting. Jewelry must move exactly your fingers so that they can grasp, manipulate and collect very small objects.
  • 3d visualization skills. Jewelery must be conceived of how it can be imagined after its form has been transformed, or when its parts are rearranged. The ability to “see” design helps in three dimensions.
  • Interpersonal skills Some jewelry makers do not connect with customers, especially if they work for a design or retail company that hires designers and vendors to work directly with customers. But given the growth of custom jewelry, an increasing number of these skills will benefit in the future.
  • Artistic abilities and knowledge of popular jewelry style. This is useful if you work with clients. However, many jewelry is not the designer’s bench and simply executes designs made by others.
  • A strong sense of honesty. Because many jewelery are valuable materials, reliability is a very important quality in jewelry.